Technical Specifications

Technology Member Firm Notification (MFN)

Description date
NYSE & NYSE MKT Introduce New Bulk Cancel Functionality 02/25/14
NYSE Cash Equities Market offer new Mid-Point Order Type 08/14/13
NYSE Cash Equities Introduce MTS IOC Order Type Update 03/22/13
NYSE Cash Equities Introduce New Self Trade Prevention Service 02/04/13
Matching Engine Upgrade: Universal Trade Platform (UTP) to replace NYSE Display Book 08/10/12
Technical changes in support of the new Retail Liquidity Program

CCG Support for Market Participant ID (MPID) for Broker OATS Reporting


NYSE to Introduce New Binary CCG & UTPDirect Protocol 

New NYSE Displayed Liquidity Indicators (REVISED )  10/06/10
NYSE to Introduce a New Optional Auto-Cancel on Disconnect Service  09/02/10
NYSE "Done for Day" Subscription Service Update  09/01/10
Trading in Shares: Elimination of the NYSE and NYSE MKT Odd Lot Systems  06/30/10
New NYSE Displayed Liquidity Indicators 03/10/10
Update: Automatic Cancelation of Partially Executed/Canceled GTC Orders  12/23/09
New Closing Offset Order Type  11/16/09
Automatic Cancelation of Partially Executed/Canceled GTC's & "Done For Day" Service Updates 11/11/09
Sub-penny Priced Orders < $1.00  11/06/09
NYSE MKT Trading of NASDAQ Symbols Under UTP - Industry Testing  11/04/09
NYSE MKT Trading of NASDAQ Symbols Under UTP  09/08/09
Routing to NYSE MatchPoint via CCG  08/28/09
CCG Supports Expanded Activity IDs on Execution Reports  07/28/09
NYSE Broker Systems Support Increased Order Quantity and Special Settlement Types   07/10/09
New Done For Day Subscription Service  06/29/09
New Odd Lot Liquidity Indicator  06/19/09
New Database (SDBK): Cancel Replace to Reduce Functionality  03/27/09
New Database (SDBK) Stock Migration Plan  03/05/09
CCG 3.0 and Direct Routing to the NYSE e-BrokerTM Handheld  02/26/09
Technical Addendum:  Enhanced MOC/LOC Handling  02/20/09
Decommission of SDOT: Migration to New Database SDBK for NYSE and NYSE MKT Securities  02/02/09
New Database (SDBK) Stock Migration and Continuation of Reduced Latency   01/20/09
New MOC/LOC Order Blocks  12/12/08
CCG Enhancements Release 2.1 10/01/08
NYSE Alternext U.S. (NYSE/MKT Integration) - Revised Industry Test Schedule 09/25/08
NYSE Alternext U.S. (NYSE/MKT Integration) - Revised Trading System Update  09/09/08
NYSE Alternext U.S. (NYSE/MKT Integration) - FIX Message Formatting Technical Differences  08/01/08
Reserve Order Type 05/08/08
DBK Link ID for Execution Reports  03/10/08
New Execution Report Billing Indicators  11/15/07
Customer Execution Identifier  11/01/07
Partial Round Lot Report Processing Modifications  09/14/07
Connectivity to Common Customer Gateway (CCG) and Improved Latency (Business Memo)  08/02/07
Connectivity to Common Customer Gateway (CCG) and Improved Latency (Technical Memo)  08/02/07
Common Customer Gateway & Reduced Latency  06/05/07
Common Customer Gateway Phase I and II  03/30/07
Do Not Ship Order  03/13/07
Away Market Indicators (Updated version of 12/19/06 document )  01/31/07
Away Market Indicators  12/19/06
Acceptance of New Account Type Q  01/31/03

Common Access Point

Description Date
Common Access Point Agreement 05/27/09
NYSE Front End Systemic Capture and Common Access Point Overview Presentation 01/13/00

Interface Specifications

Description Date
NYSE CCG FIX Specification V. 5.9 02/25/14
UTP Direct API Specification V 1.18 02/25/14
NYSE CCG FIX Interface Sample Message Document v4.2 03/05/10
Vendor System Implementation Specification for Makes (Updated with Highlights) 06/03/04

Other NYSE Initiatives

Description Date
NYSE Order Tracking System Interface Specification version 4.6 02/26/10
Sub-Penny Order Specification 11/28/08
Specialist Transaction Data Reporting System Technical Specifications version 1.5 06/03/05

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