Connecting to the NYSE SFTI Network

As a serious trader at a market-making firm, your success requires the capacity to extend your reach across multiple asset classes in a variety of markets, and the speed to seize new opportunities. Your firm’s trading infrastructure needs to be streamlined to effectively access liquidity in today’s complex trading landscape. Without a managed approach to access numerous markets swiftly, you risk significant cost overruns and the loss of your competitive edge.

We developed Secure Financial Transaction Infrastructure (SFTI®) to answer your call for speed, performance and capacity, and to serve as a seamless point of entry to the NYSE Euronext community for all U.S. market participants–from buy-side traders to broker-dealers to institutional investors. SFTI® supports your trading order flow and multicast-based market data distribution, and provides regulatory, clearance and administrative functions for capital markets as a whole.

Speed, Performance and Capacity
SFTI® IP is a purpose-built private network that connects customers directly to trading platforms and market data inside and outside of NYSE Euronext’s US Liquidity Center at Mahwah, in addition to non-NYSE trading venues. You can select from flexible direct or managed circuits at varying connection speeds (10Mb, 100Mb, 1Gb and 10Gb) to address your specific bandwidth requirements.

SFTI® Direct Connection (SDC) enables trading firms to utilize their own Ethernet links to connect with SFTI® at our geographically diverse and vendor-neutral access centers. If you prefer a fully-managed solution, SFTI® Managed Connections (SMC) offers end-to-end connectivity between our SFTI® access centers and your firm’s location. In addition to the benefit of NYSE Technologies equipment, support and innovation, SFTI® SMC provides single-point contact to the NYSE Euronext global marketplace. For less latency sensitive applications, SFTI® Internet VPN uses a managed connection and CPE device and a customer's existing internet connection to securely connect to NYSE core unicast services (available in 1 Mb, 5Mb and 100Mb bandwidths).

SFTI® LCN offers superior speed when market-makers collocate at our Liquidity Center in Mahwah, NJ. And once you’re there, SFTI® Optic provides your firm with a high-bandwidth, super-low latency connection between the NYSE Euronext community and your trading desk. See SFTI® Americas Connectivity.

Single-point Contact to the Global Marketplace
In addition to ultra-low latency connection speeds and huge bandwidth capabilities, SFTI® delivers its services over a dedicated network. This guarantees your transactions with redundant connections to North American equities and derivatives markets and exchanges such as NYSE, NYSE Arca, NYSE Liffe U.S. and NYSE MKT, as well as National Market Systems (NMS) market data feeds. For access to non-NYSE execution venues, SFTI® Application Services offers still more choices—connecting you to exchanges, market centers and content service providers not hosted by NYSE Technologies, including Nasdaq, CBOE, CME, Direct-Edge, TSX and many others.

We designed SFTI® to enable financial market participants to create their own communities. Your success depends on your ability to form new alliances. Through SFTI®, NYSE Euronext provides the common venue. See SFTI® Americas Connectivity to learn more.

To find out how SFTI® can benefit your business, contact our Connectivity Team now at 1-212-510-3600 or