Post Trade Systems

Member Firm Notifications

description date/version
PT192 GEMS SOS MQ Processing 04/09/14
PT191 GEMS SOS MQ Processing 01/30/14
PT190 OCS Migration to GEMS – User Testing and Training Update 10/08/13
PT189 OCS Migration to GEMS 09/06/13
PT188 Debit List MIgration to GEMS 08/15/13
PT187 SOS Implementation in GEMS 05/29/13
PT186 SOS in GEMS Update 04/16/13
PT185 SOS in GEMS Testing and Implementation: Revised 03/11/13
PT185 SOS in GEMS Testing and Implementation 02/15/13
PT184 SOS in GEMS User Guide 11/16/12
PT183 GEMS “Step-Out Service” Access 08/13/12
PT182 OCS “Step-Out Service” migration to GEMS 07/12/12
PT181 Reference Price on MOL for IPO’s 06/22/12
PT180 NYSE/DTCC Universal Trade Capture Format Implementation 04/25/12
PT179 NYSE/DTCC Universal Trade Capture Format Testing 04/12/12
PT178 ANON Comparison Change 03/12/12
PT0177 Broker Risk on Badge MOL REVISED 11/04/11
PT0176 MPID on the MOL 06/29/11
PT0175 Locking in Third Party Algo Away Executions 06/27/11
PT0174 Post Trade Backup Data Center Industry Test 02/28/11


Post Trade User Guides and Formats



GEMS Stepout User Guide v4 10/21/13
SAH MRO Formats v7.0 08/14/13
MRO IRS History v7.0 08/14/13
GEMS SOS User Request Form 08/06/12
Position Minder MRO IRS 3.0 03/09/12
Open Order File IRS v1.0 02/11/11
Merged Order Log MRO Formats v6.0 09/24/12
MRO Format Revision History v6.0 09/24/12
Clearing Firm's User Guide 05/2006
Broker's User Guide 07/2005
Positions Minder MFO File Format v3.0 04/05/10

NYSE OCS® Interactive Message Queue Manager (MQM)
User Guide v4.5.4