NYSE is committed to being a strong advocate for our issuers, who collectively provide over 30 million jobs.

Our purpose is to provide the NYSE listed community with an active voice on key policy and regulatory matters, access to decision makers and key leaders in government and reliable information about our advocacy agenda, events and issues from Washington.

Our constituents' views are important for how we shape our advocacy platform, so we invite you to join our community and get involved.


Job Creation

Jobs will come from small businesses. Without access to capital, these businesses will not grow and create jobs. Even in a difficult economy, companies that have managed to go public are thriving.

Tax Reform

We support tax reform that will offer better incentives to invest in the U.S., and grow our domestic workforce. We also back ways to find the right balance to broaden our base and lower our corp. tax rate to be globally competitive. 


NYSE is a leading proponent for the highest standards of corporate governance and ethical behavior, with governance rules in place for approximately 150 years.

Market Structure

NYSE is an active voice for our issuers during a period of transformation and re-regulation of the financial industry, with a pragmatic message that supports competition.

In Focus

The Jobs Act

Growth and job creation are key themes for NYSE Euronext, which has engaged with U.S. policymakers to develop  bipartisan legislative solutions that promote job growth and business expansion. Our work includes:

Testifying on Capitol Hill on the importance of job creation.

Joining an IPO Task Force and submitting to the U.S. Treasury and Congress recommendations aimed at helping emerging growth companies.

Hosting a panel and webinar highlighting implications of the Jobs Act.

Weighing in with a Fortune Magazine Op-Ed by NYSE Euronext CEO Duncan L. Niederauer on why the Jobs Act is a great start and what more is needed.


The NYSE Big StartUp

Our collaborative, jobs-growth initiative is designed to connect growing companies and entrepreneurs with corporate America.