Choosing NYSE Euronext

2012 TV…Big Brands on The Big Board!

2012 TV…Big Brands on The Big Board!

Featuring Pandora, Linkedin, Demand Media & IMAX.

When a company decides to transfer or go public on the NYSE, it is taking a giant leap on a journey that will transform its business. It’s a journey only offered by the NYSE. Our unique market model combines light-speed technologies enhanced by human judgment, access to the deepest pools of liquidity, unmatched brand visibility, and a network of the world's greatest corporations. 

Clear Advantages

Market Model

Only NYSE Euronext offers cutting-edge technology combined with the volatility buffer of human judgment and accountability.

Global Community

Leverage our access to global investors, business leaders, government officials, worldwide media, and the financial community.


Investor outreach, conferences, networking and advertising: NYSE marketing assures your visibility and enables strategic alliances.

Leading Technology

We attract tech companies because we are a tech company. Our slew of new Tech IPOs have been well-received by investors.

Listed Company Resources

Benefits include market intelligence, investor outreach, research, education, advocacy, and governance.


In 2011, 20 companies with a combined market cap of over $30 billion moved to a new home: NYSE Euronext. Find out why. 

Choose Your Market

List with NYSE Euronext

As the largest and most liquid cash equities exchange in the world, the New York Stock Exchange is the premier listing venue in the U.S.

Growing Companies

NYSE MKT offers more flexible access requirements and innovative operating rules, while ensuring market transparency and liquidity.


NYSE Arca, the fully-electronic exchange designed for ETFs, offers the largest public exchange-traded fund liquidity pool in the U.S.

European Companies

NYSE Euronext has combined exchanges in France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, and now London into a single market.