Listing Fees

NYSE fees are described in detail in our NYSE Listed Company Manual. Below we outline our basic fee structure. If you’d like more details, such as information on fees associated with issuing additional shares, please see the fee section in our NYSE manual.

NYSE Equities Initial Listing Fee (One-Time Fee)

$50K + $3200/million shares; MIN=$125K, MAX=$250K

Total Shares Outstanding

Listing Fee

Up to 20MM
























75MM +


NYSE Equities Continued Listing Fee (Annually)

$930/million shares; MIN=$42K, MAX=$500K

Total Shares Outstanding

Continued Listing Fee

Up to 40MM












NYSE MKT Listing Fees

Complete details about NYSE MKT listing fees are available in the NYSE MKT Company Guide (Sections 140-146). 

Number of Shares Original Listing* (Initial) Continued Listing (Annual)
Up to 5 million $50,000 $30,000 (minimum)
5 to 10 million $55,000 $30,000
10 to 15 million $60,000 $30,000
15 to 25 million $75,000 $30,000
25 to 50 million $75,000 $30,000
50 to 75 million $75,000 $40,000
More than 75 million $75,000 $45,000 (maximum)

Where the original listing of more than one class of stock is included in the same application, the fee is based on the aggregate number of shares of all such classes.

Additional Shares Previously Listed Equity Issues - Additional shares will be subject to a $.02 per share listing fee, per application, subject to a minimum fee of $2,000 (for 100,000 shares or less) and a maximum fee of $45,000 (for 2.25 million shares or more). The maximum fee for listing additional shares is $65,000 per year.

In cases where a new class of securities is to be listed in substitution for a previously listed class, there is a fee of $7,500 in addition to the normal per share listing fee.

Closed-End Fund Original and Continued Listing Fees

Number of Shares Original Listing* (Initial) Continued Listing (Annual)
Up to 5 million $5,000 $15,000
5+ to 10 million $5,000 $17,500
10+ to 15 million $5,000 $20,000
15+ to 25 million $5,000 $20,000
25+ to 50 million $5,000 $22,500
More than 50 million $5,000 $30,000

* For closed-end fund issuers with more than one fund listed on the NYSE MKT, the annual fee is determined by the total number of shares, not by the number of funds. For example, an issuer listing five closed-end funds with 5 million shares in each would have a total of 25 million shares listed and would be charged an annual fee of $20,000. Annual fees are capped at a maximum of $30,000 per issuer, regardless of the number of funds or shares listed on the NYSE MKT by that issuer.