Big Data's Impact on Financial Information

NYSE Hosts Annual Charity Trading Day

Annual New York Stock Exchange Floor Broker Charity Trading Day to Benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Built for the Evolution of Trading

NYSE Euronext is the world's largest equities platform, trading more than one-third of cash equity volume. The aggregate market cap of our listed issuers is greater than that of issuers listed on the next four largest exchanges combined. As finance evolves, NYSE Euronext responds with leading technology, innovative partnerships and trading techniques. From electronic to block to anonymous, our global platform is the most liquid equity trading venue.


NYSE combines cutting- edge technology with human judgment and accountability to create orderly opens and closes, improved prices, low volatility, and deep liquidity.


The all-electronic NYSE Arca provides open, direct, anonymous access, rapid execution and a structure that delivers the advantages of both displayed and dark liquidity.


By leveraging the unique market model and cutting-edge technology of NYSE, NYSE MKT is positioned to become the of choice for small- and mid-cap companies.

New DMM Post

The fully renovated post includes ergonomic upgrades, new work space and FID screens for enhanced display of trading data. 

Benefits of Liquidity Providers

Detailed statistics for August 2011 show that liquidity provider programs dampen volatility and enhance efficiency and overall quality on NYSE and NYSE MKT.

TRF Improvements

Changes to the NYSE Trade Reporting Facility will enable users to better input and manage trades and offer more compliance transparency.

Power Partners Program

Recognizing and rewarding companies that partner with NYSE Euronext.

Information Services

Data Products

Feeds, files, services, and reports that bring you quality trading information from all over the world.

Short Sale Restriction Symbol List

NYSE and NYSE MKT post symbols for which the Short Sale Restriction was triggered during the trading day. The list is posted overnight and is available in Excel and XML format.

European Equities

List and Trade in Europe

Learn about our European venues: the cross-border NYSE Euronext, NYSE Alternext, and the Free Markets of Brussels and Paris.

Take the Fast Path

List on the European markets of NYSE Euronext using existing SEC Filings.