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STP Phase Two Available in August

In the latest issue of U.S. Trading News: Beginning in early August 2013, NYSE and NYSE MKT will introduce phase two of the SEC approved Self Trade Prevention (STP).

Investors who demand a superior market model and cutting-edge technology rely on the New York Stock Exchange. As the world's largest cash equities trading platform, we count the world’s most successful businesses among our thousands of listed companies. Since 1792, with brokers agreeing to form under the Buttonwood Agreement, we have demonstrated a commitment to issuers and investors. For more than 200 years, and as we've welcomed other platforms to our ranks, we have maintained our commitment to strong, orderly financial markets—a promise that continues today.

Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers reduce volatility and promote investor confidence by implementing a pause in trading during periods of high market volatility, giving investors time to assimilate incoming information and make informed decisions. 

Unique Market Model

As always, human judgment and accountability shape our state-of-the-art facilities. DMMs, SLPs, and trading floor brokers temper volatility, create orderly opens and closes, improve prices and deepen liquidity.

Market Information

Order Types

In addition to innovative services and partnerships, our equities platform offers a range of order types.

Trading Fees

Find transaction, facility and equipment, system processing, registration, regulatory, and trading license fees.

Power Partners Program

Recognizing and rewarding companies that partner with the world's largest cash equities trading platform.

New DMM Post

The fully renovated post includes ergonomic upgrades, new work space and FID screens for enhanced display of trading data. 

IPO Center

New and amended filings, pricing statistics, the backlog, and the business of taking companies to market.


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NYSE Regulation

NYSE Regulation’s rigorous compliance, governance, and listing standards helped create the world's most reliable, orderly and efficient marketplace.