NYSE MKT Rules and Interpretations

NYSE MKT maintains a body of rules to regulate its member organizations and their associated persons.


Access the complete directory of NYSE MKT rules.

NYSE MKT Governing Documents

Operating Agreement and Independence Policy for NYSE MKT, as well as governing documents for NYSE Amex Options for which it is the SRO.

NYSE MKT Rule Filings

This section contains the text to outstanding proposed rule changes, called 19b−4 filings, filed by NYSE MKT with the U.S. Securities and Exchanges Commission (SEC). 19b−4 filings relate to proposed changes to the NYSE MKT Rules and federal securities laws.

Information Memos

Information Memos alert members and member firms to changes in NYSE MKT Equities trading policies and practices.

Member Education Bulletins

Member Education Bulletins are addressed to Floor members only and provide updates to NYSE Rules and policies related to Floor trading activity. Member Education Bulletins are also used as reminder notices.

NYSE MKT Rule Changes

The latest changes to NYSE MKT Rules.