Closed-End Funds

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The New York Stock Exchange Directory of Closed-end Funds

Review the directory of closed-end funds listed on the NYSE.

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NYSE Closed-End Fund Directory

Review a directory of closed-end funds listed on NYSE.

NYSE MKT Closed-End Fund Directory

NYSE MKT is a premier market for small- and micro-cap closed-end securities.

Closed-End Fund Terminology

Find definitions for terms surrounding the discussion of Closed-end Funds.

NYSE Manual

Following an IPO, closed-end funds have a fixed number of shares that trade on the exchange.

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Share prices are determined by the forces of supply and demand, and can be more or less than the fund’s net asset value (NAV).

Domestic Requirements

Review the NYSE Domestic Company Requirements for Closed-end Funds, as detailed in the NYSE Manual.

Supplementary Requirements

The NYSE Manual outlines supplementary requirements for Closed-end Funds.

Listing Forms

Complete the Original Listing Application to list closed-end funds.