NYSE Arca Issuer Oversight

Listing Standards

Eligibility requirements allow smaller companies and exchange traded funds to gain visibility and access.

NYSE Arca Regulatory Reminder Letter

View a reminder letter for ETP issuers regarding notifications to and filings with the Exchange.

Listing Fees

Find a complete Schedule of Fees.

Blue Sky Exemptions

Tier I listings are afforded Blue Sky exemption from state securities laws in all 50 states.

Noncompliant Issuers

NYSE Regulation publishes a list of issuers that are noncompliant with NYSE Arca listing standards.

Index Change Guidance Letter

Summary of the procedures to be followed by ETP issuers if a listed ETP is based on an index and such index is replaced or modified.

NYSE Arca Record Date Notice Change Letter

Notification about an important change affecting issuers which will modify NYSE Arca's record date notice period requirements.