Job Creation

Our Position

NYSE Euronext strongly supports initiatives to reduce regulatory burdens for issuers, particularly small companies. Three core beliefs drive our efforts:

  • Jobs will come from small businesses, not large businesses.
  • Without access to capital, companies will not be able to grow and create jobs.
  • Even in a down economy, companies that have managed to go public in the last few years are thriving.

Our Most Recent Efforts: the Jobs Act

Testifying on Capitol Hill on the importance of job creation.
Joining an IPO Task Force and submitting to the U.S. Treasury and Congress recommendations aimed at helping emerging growth companies.
Hosting a panel and webinar highlighting implications of the Jobs Act.
Weighing in with a Fortune Magazine Op-Ed by NYSE Euronext CEO Duncan L. Niederauer on why the Jobs Act is a great start and what more is needed.

Other Events and Initiatives 

9/26/11 – NYSE Euronext EVP Cutler hosted a breakfast roundtable in Michigan with Senator Debbie Stabenow with executives from companies headquartered in the State.  The Senator provided an update on Developments in Washington and was interested in discussing suggestions on how Washington can help improve Michigan's business climate.

9/8/11 - NYSE Euronext CEO Duncan Niederauer co-hosted a business appreciation reception with Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell and issuers headquartered in the State.

7/26/11 – NYSE Euronext EVP Scott Cutler hosted an issuer roundtable with FERC Chairman Jon Wellinghoff.  Focus of the event was to discuss the Commission’s recent efforts to encourage transmission line development and how can improve competition and help lower costs for consumers.

5/10/11 – NYSE CEO Duncan Niederauer hosted an issuer roundtable with House Majority Leader Eric Cantor on job creation and tax reform

4/20/11 - Duncan Niederauer participated in a job creation event in Texas with students, State officials and companies headquartered in the State.

3/15/11 - NYSE Euronext submitted a letter of support of the “Small Company Capital Formation Act of 2011” that would increase the Reg A threshold (issuing stock directly to the public) from $5MM to $50MM, require the SEC to increase the threshold (versus simply giving them the authority to do it) and require the SEC to come back to the Committee every 2 years and justify the threshold. 

3/10/11 – NYSE CEO Duncan Niederauer hosted a series of issuer roundtables in Washington D.C. with members of the Senate Manufacturing Caucus and Congressional staff on job creation and the regulatory barriers to raising capital in the U.S. 

1/13/11- NYSE Euronext Conducted a Job Survey with Opinion Research Council.

9/24/10 - D. Niederauer authored an editorial in the the Wall Street Journal on suggested ways to fuel the creation of jobs and economic growth.

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