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Annual CEO Report on the business environment

CEOs Look to 2013 for Improvements

Lacking confidence in the near-term outlook, global CEOs look to 2013 and beyond for economic growth, according to the latest NYSE Euronext annual CEO report.

The Annual NYSE Euronext CEO Report

A majority of CEOs from global corporations and U.S. small-business owners look to 2013 and beyond for improvements in the economy, business and job creation, according to the 2012 NYSE Euronext CEO Report.  Now in its eighth year, the report also presents the views on the health of small businesses and the impact of the U.S. election.

Advice for the Oval Office

Most CEOs surveyed say the U.S. election will impact the world. What guidance would they offer to the next president? Reduce regulation and the size of government.

The Forecast on Hiring

A majority of CEOs plan to add to their workforce in 2013. They say cutting business tax rates is the most effective way to accelerate the development of permanent jobs.

The Global Economy

More than two-thirds of CEOs surveyed expect the global economy to grow next year. CEOs predict China and Brazil will experience the greatest growth in 2013. 

The Art of Innovation

"We don’t view innovation as just patents or as something that comes out of one department,” says one CEO. “It has to become cultural. Everyone has to be a part of it.

By the Numbers

CEO Views: By the Numbers

68% of global CEOs say the global economy will grow next year—but not the Eurozone.

75% of listed CEOs believe their company will grow in 2013

54% of listed CEOs say entrepreneurial firms are where the majority of private sector jobs will be created


Perspectives Diverge

The distinctions between how public-company CEOs and U.S. small-business leaders view the economy, as well as the overall health of their businesses, are striking.