Online Tools

NYSE Euronext’s cutting-edge technology services can help spread your corporate message beyond the boardroom, to the World Wide Web.

Custom Video Creation
The NYSE Broadcast Center will produce a 3- to 5-minute video—including footage from bell-ringings, b-roll from your company, and a message from your CEO—to showcase a listed company’s brand and important corporate initiatives. NYSE Euronext will feature your video on our homepage, as well as on NYSE’s YouTube channel, Twitter, and Facebook pages to broaden visibility. It can alsobe available to you to assist with marketing initiatives.

NYSE Webcasting
NYSE staff coordinates webcasts for listed companies that help educate, involve, and enthuse employees on listing day and beyond. Our internal communications team will work with listed companies to tailor these webcasts to individual corporate needs.

NYSE Alliance Network
The NYSE Alliance Network is an engaging online resource for listed companies that gathers and extends exclusive offers and discounts on select goods and services to employees of other NYSE-listed companies. NYSE-listed companies can also enroll its domestic employee base in the program to take advantage of exclusive offers and deals from their NYSE-listed peers.