Notifications to the NYSE

The NYSE has established a uniform method for listed companies to follow when providing notice to the NYSE of certain corporate events, like dividend record dates, stock distributions, record and meeting dates for shareholder meetings, shares outstanding reporting, etc. Providing a uniform method of notice simplifies the notification process and helps to ensure that notifications are received timely.

Effective January 2013, listed companies should comply with the NYSE’s notice requirement by using a web portal operated by the NYSE (see Section 204.00 of the NYSE Listed Company Manual). is the best way to ensure your notice requirements are fulfilled and that the NYSE has captured and processed your company’s events timely and accurately. For more information about, please email or call directly to 212.656.4651.

In the case of an emergency situation (e.g. a technical problem accessing, or in the rare instance where a listed company is not able to use to comply with this notification requirement, notifications can be submitted by calling the NYSE’s Corporate Actions & Market Watch team (877.699.2578 or 212.656.5414 ) and either: emailing a copy of the notice to or providing a facsimile of the notice (212.656.5893).

Compliance with the NYSE’s Timely Disclosure Policy is separately required. If issuing material news during market hours (leading up to the open and between 9:30 am – 5:00 pm EST), listed companies are required to call the NYSE’s Corporate Actions & Market Watch team ten minutes in advance of issuance and a copy of the press release or other Reg-FD compliant method must be submitted via or emailed to

Please contact the NYSE’s Corporate Actions & Market Watch team should you have any questions.