NYSE Arca Equities Auctions

NYSE Arca conducts three single-price auctions each trading day:

The opening and closing auctions allow ETP holders to participate in real-time price discovery.

As part of the auction process, NYSE Arca calculates and continually disseminates three pieces of information:

  • The indicative match price
  • The indicative match volume
  • The auction imbalance

The NYSE Arca Auction Tool lists stocks that are part of the opening, closing, market order, and halted auctions.

The NYSE Arca Daily Price File provides valuable information on the exchange's current trading day pricing at the open and close, as well as the daily high and low prices.

The Complete List of Newly Eligible Securities itemizes the securities that are not listed on NYSE Arca that are eligible to trade in the Market Order and Closing Auctions.

 To see a NYSE Arca Auctions demonstration, visit the Market Order Auction Simulator

For more information, please review the NYSE Arca Auctions Brochure (pdf)