Retail Liquidity Program

A market innovation that produces cost savings for individual investors through price improvement on retail equities trading orders within an exchange environment. NYSE Euronext has filed a patent application for RLP given the unique and differentiated structure of the program.  We believe RLP continues the tradition of innovation from NYSE Euronext by providing value-added product offerings that benefit investors.

Media Interview with NYSE Euronext's Joe Mecane on Benefits

Joe Mecane talks about benefits to individual investors of the new program.

Tech Specs

All clients can trade with retail orders. Here are the technical specs for sending a retail price improving order.

Daily Data

View stats on symbols where retail member organizations sent orders as well as data on securities with price improving liquidity but no retail interest.

NYSE and NYSE MKT RLP Fact Sheet

The program offers to individual investors new economic incentives and ensures greater transparency, liquidity and marketplace competition.

NYSE Arca RLP Fact Sheet

The program promotes price improvement for individual investors’ retail order flow for all Tape B and C listed securities traded on NYSE Arca.

NYSE Retail Liquidity Providing Firms

A look at the firms participating in this unique program.

Retail Member Organization Applications

Retail Member Organization - Broker-Dealer Customer Agreements

Retail Providers Applications