NYSE and NYSE MKT Equities Membership

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On Top of Your Game

Tremendous brand visibility, a distinct market structure, advanced technology, and comprehensive member services to keep you on top.

As high-profile broker-dealer, your trades are big and your pace is fast. NYSE and NYSE MKT Equities Membership will give you the high-tech solutions you need to make rapid, automated, and anonymous executions, while industry-leading member services experts discover and improve prices, dampen volatility, and add liquidity. Membership brings access to opening and closing auctions for primaries, brand visibility and direct connectivity. NYSE MKT is our listing venue for small and micro cap companies.

Membership Process

Follow these three steps to become a member of the U.S. cash markets of NYSE Euronext.

Membership Types

Three key participants: Designated Market Makers, Trading Floor Brokers and Supplemental Liquidity Providers.

How to Join

NYSE and NYSE MKT Membership Forms.

Membership Directory

A who’s who of the financial world.

NYSE Trader

Trading and rule changes, systems updates, testing opportunities.

NYSE Arca Equities

This all-electronic U.S.trading platform provides fast execution with open, direct and anonymous market access.