NYSE Arca Equities Membership Types

The NYSE Arca equities platform provides for three types of participants: Market Makers, Lead Market Makers and Order Routing ETP Holders.

Market Makers
A Market Maker is an ETP holder or firm that has registered with NYSE Euronext to trade securities. Market Makers are obligated to maintain continuous two-sided Q Orders in all registered securities.

Lead Market Makers
Any registered Market Maker may apply to become a Lead Market Maker (LMM). LMMs operate off-the-exchange trading with more stringent quoting obligations and in some cases, participation guarantees. LMMs must maintain specified cash or liquid assets based upon the number of issues traded.

NYSE Arca Equity Lead Market Making Firms:

  1. DRW Securities, LLC
  2. Deutsche Bank Securities Inc
  3. Esposito Securities, LLC
  5. Goldman Sachs and Company
  6. IMC Chicago, LLC
  7. Jane Street Capital, LLC
  8. Knight Equity Markets, LP
  9. Latour Trading, LLC
  10. OTA, LLC
  11. Sun Trading, LLC
  12. Susquehanna Capital Group
  13. Timber Hill LLC
  14. Virtu Financial BD, LLC
  15. Wolverine Trading, LLC