How the Market Works

Market Drivers: Ukraine, Yellen, Alibaba

Markets have been somewhat volatile this week as a mix of both global concerns and domestic data have influenced trade.

Stock Market Circuit Breaker Update

The pilot for the Plan to Address Extraordinary Market Volatility, also known as Limit Up/Limit Down, starts this year. It is designed to replace the existing system of single-stock circuit breakers.

Correlation and Volatility

In a normal market, investors make decisions based on individual stock or sector fundamentals. In early 2013, we’ve seen a herd mentality among investors, which may lead to market volatility.

Companies Deliberate the Dividend Question

Dividend paying stocks have been market darlings, but possible tax changes could turn them into dullards. 

20 Years of Exchange Traded Funds

Explore this interactive site that guides you through 20 years of breakthrough products.

Federal Fund Rate Change

The Fed’s announcement it would link the federal fund rate to unemployment surprised many traders. The decision shifts the focus from inflation to jobs. 

A Day in the Life of a DMM

July 1 was no ordinary day for designated market maker Pete Giacchi of GETGO. When he saw a 15 million share buy order enter the system, he worked with Exchange officials to halt the stock, rather than trade it.

Uncertainty and the Economy

While the market is near a four-year high, volumes are incredibly low. Investors seem paralyzed by elections, the future of the eurozone and China.

Tyco Spin-off with a Merger Twist

Spin-off transactions continue to be a means for companies to try to unlock potential value for shareholders.

The SEC's Conflict Minerals Ruling

The rule requiring companies to publicly disclose their use of conflict minerals that originated in the Democratic Republic of the Congo will heavily impact the electronics, automotive, jewelry, mining, and industrial machinery.

New Rules of Disclosure

How is corporate disclosure evolving? New financial reporting guidelines provide examples.

Lessons from the Proxy Season

Shareholders with different interests finding common ground--sometimes to force change, in this edition of Governance Minutes.